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The masters of shapes and colors, Feng Xiao-Min & Antoine Poncet

September 12, 2015, YISHU8 and Philippe Staib Gallery will bring ANTOINE PONCET and Feng Xiao-Min's exhibition " THE MASTERS OF SHAPES AND COLORS". This is the first time the two artists jointly exhibit with sculptures and paintings presented together, and also a cultural exchange and collision.

It is a confrontation of power and beauty. when you stand next to the french artist ANTOINE PONCET’s sculptures, within the tough silhouette you will feel a soft gentle rhythm. Born in 1928 in Paris, France, ANTOINE PONCET has been a renowned abstract sculptor. In the year of 1993, he became a member of the French Academy of Fine Arts. His work combines Western modernist forms with Eastern philosophical ethereal qualities, embedding vitality of material medium in abstract forms, the light revealed from rich caves adds a spiritual breath generated between nihility and reality to the works. The flow of time and eternity of life reflect in his works. All the sculptures capture and solidify the flow of time that uncover the eternity of life, from the artistic style and quality of which the rich French cultural spirit overflows.

Enjoying his paintings is like wandering in a sweet dream. Feng Xiao-Min was born in shanghai and he has accepted his representational art education early in China that laid his solid modeling skills. He started his working and living life in 1980s. In the ranks of artists in France, Mr. Feng is a friend close to ZaoWou-Ki, Chu Teh-Chun and other artistic predecessors. In his paintings, you can see the support of two East-West cultural factors. He learns from the visual integrity of the modernist abstract painting, and in his works the colors are simple and of high saturation, from which the dense atmosphere of the universe oozes.Not abstract, nor is it figurative,he is creating a distant elegant mood, sometimes gentle as a breeze, sometimes wild as a storm. Reflecting the perception of nature and life, it is the expression of the universe in Eastern philosophy, which in a spiritual atmosphere brings about a sense of animism.

By the works of the two artists, we hope to reveal a spirit throughout both the painting and the sculpture, and also form an exciting dialogue of Sino-French culture. With the sculptures combining firmness and flexibility, paintings connecting the East and the West, shapes and colors echo, power and beauty dance, we wish you a marvelous visual feast.

About Yishu 8
Yishu 8 is the fruit of the encounter of Christine Cayol, a French philosopher and writer, and of XueYunda, a Chinese entrepreneur who is passionate about art. The co-founders are both convinced that Beijing, a city with a rich heritage, is on its way to becoming one of the world’s most unique platforms for innovation and inspiration.
A place that fosters inspiration and creation, Yishu 8 is first and foremost a space for sharing and for dialogue, where tradition meets innovation, where Chinese artists meet Western artists in residence, and where through art, different worlds and different people are able to connect and gain a new understanding of each other. Yishu 8 is also a house dedicated to the discovery and transmission of knowledge, regularly hosting conferences, master classes, concerts and exhibitions.

About Philippe Staib Gallery
Philippe Staib's passion for art and especially sculptures dated back to 1961 when Philippe made acquaintance with Alberto Giacometti, famous Swiss sculptor. Since then, as well as his executive position in various renowned companies, he keeps enriching his own private collection. He opened his first gallery in 1990 in New York and a foundry in Thailand where he discovered and launched numerous western artists living in Asia, Europe and US. His passion for sculptures and arts in general goes beyond any specific artistic styles or periods. Through his galleries in Shanghai M50 and Taipei Dazhi, he keeps exploring and promoting Western and Asian artists that strongly resonate with his belief, “love art through all the senses.” His art galleries are a genuine invitation to an emotional discovery of arts.

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Samedi, 12 Septembre, 2015 - Dimanche, 18 Octobre, 2015
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