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The House

Yishu 8 has taken up residence in the former Sino-French University!
Yishu 8, a house dedicated to the arts, has expanded and moved to a stunning, mythical location at the doors of the Forbidden City, where it will be a sanctuary for creativity in the heart of the imperial city
Open and warm, the house of Yishu 8 fosters new cultural encounters in the midst of its beautiful spaces; exhibitions, conferences, concerts, seminars and events attract a public for whom the arts and the art of living spring from the same inspiration. Away from the buzz of the street and of the city, it is a sheltered place where one can take the time to talk, to engage and to sharpen one's sensibility by discovering singular artwork.

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A place, an heirloom :
Caroline Odinet, our designer, worked towards the rebirth of all spaces, transforming them, and shaping them into an integrated house dedicated to the arts. The architecture and the past of each building were safeguarded, new colors were brought in, opening new possibilities. The spirit of educator Cai Yuanpei is our inspiration and our compass: today, as we enter Yishu 8, we embark on a voyage into the past and back into the present, to the radiant and silent place where our memory, the sum of many memories, will not only guide us toward remembrance but will also give impetus to creation. The Chinese would speak of Yuanfen or selective and pre-ordained destiny: the profound complicity that links Yishu 8 to this century-old building infuses our actions and our projects with a deep significance that gives them an even wider field of meaning.

Visit Yishu 8 ‘s House

Le Salon Edmond de Rothschild
Salon privé dédié à l’Art de vivre et à
45m2 au premier étage

The Square Gallery
Former amphitheater of sino-french
university, this space is dedicated to
exhibitions, concerts and receptions
350 sqm2 on the ground floor

The White Gallery
Dedicated space to contemporary art
and young artists
125 sqm2 on the first floor

Imperial Salon
For receptions and seminars
50 sqm2 on the ground floor

Salon Edmond de Rothschild
Salon dedicated to Art of living and
45 sqm2 on the first floor

Imperial Salon
For receptions and seminars
50 sqm2 on the ground floor

This house can become yours...
Contact us to know more about rental of one of our rooms or the entire House.


Yishu 8
Former Sino-French University, 
N°20 (jia), Dong Huangchenggen Bei Jie, Dongcheng district, Beijing 100010
北京市 东城区东皇城根北街甲20号
Tel : +8610 6581 9058


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